About Us

Who are we

The Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers (JALGO) was officially launched in November 1940, representing workers in the Kingston. However since then the trade union has expanded its representation to workers all across Jamaica in a number of number of sectors to include local government, health and education.

Who we represent

As our name suggests we represent workers that are employed in Local Government in Jamaica but we also represent workers in other areas. We represent workers in the:

Jamaica Fire Brigade

National Water Commission

National Irrigation Commission

Municipal Corporations



Our Focus

Workers rights are not only limited to wages and benefits but encompasses a variety of issues in the ever changing world of work. JALGO has been lobbying hard at the local and international level to ensure workers rights are protected. JALGO has and will continue to play key roles in dealing with issues of such as promoting decent work, dealing with climate change and promoting safe spaces for workers and bringing an end to violence in the workplace.

We recognize that our representation does not just stop with our members. We know that what we do ensures that their families and the wider society are beneficiaries of the good work that we do.