JALGO stands with healthcare workers across the world

The Jamaica Association of Local Government Officers (JALGO) shows it’s commitment by standing with healthcare workers who have felt betrayed coming out of the pandemic. These are workers who braved, especially the issues that came with the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19), by putting their lives on the line.

Given the fact that JALGO represents workers in the sector, it is even more heartrending to know that these workers who have done so much during such a critical time only to find themselves still underrated and underpaid.

Despite this, JALGO seeks to reaffirm it’s commitment to those workers that work to make societies happen by calling on the revevant authorities to pin place meaningful remuneration, better worekring conditions and those other requirements that will make their sacrifices worthwhile.

Recently, JALGO’s president, Winnifred Meeks, and its Treasurer, Melode Barnes, were our union’s representatives to the 31st World Congress of Public Services International (PSI). The Congress ran from October 14 to 18 in Geneva, Switzerland, and brought together representatives from public services unions all over the world.

They stood together, on behalf of JALGO, with our fellow workers from across the world in calling for greater public investment from Government into healthcare.

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