Becoming a member of the Jamaica Association of Local Government is quite easy in that all you have to do is sign up our membership form and have it sent to the office. Yes its that easy. We have delegates in all parishes and departments and therefore, if advice is needed, please dont hesitate to reach out.

But what does it mean in being a member of JALGO

It means becoming a part of something greater that seeks to protect, not only your rights, but the rights of thousands of Jamaicans employed in the various sectors that we represent.

JALGO has been consistently lobbying for workers rights since its inception in 1940 and while we have played integral roles in this regard, there is more to be done. Therefore your membership is critical in this matter and joining a trade union is one of the best decisions you can make in your career. In all the work that we do,we are guided by the tenets of decent work which are the core principles that can lead to equal and just society.

Being a member of JALGO means you are able to benefit greatly in a number of areas. These mainly include efficient and effective representation through solid collective bargaining agreements to cover wages and other benefits.

In terms of other benefits, JALGO has inked agreements as it relates to the education and training of our members. Through a pool of funds that come through the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, members have been able to further their education during their time in the various organisations where they are employed.

We are party to agreements as it relates to housing through the various government agencies so that our members can access affordable housing solutions.

“It was JALGO that assisted me in getting a house at the Estuary in Montego Bay. Thank you JALGO for this massive contribution to my life and that of my family”

JALGO member, St James